The Medical Industry is broken.

With you, we can fix it.

Practicing Physicians of America exists to organize practicing physicians and represent their  right to serve as their patients’ primary health care advocate , and to act by confronting unnecessary and overbearing regulation that limits a physicians' ability to serve their patients.

Our Goals


         high ethical and intellectual standards for our profession.


Act to Restore

         the physician, not an unnecessary middleman, as the primary decision maker with regard

         to the patient’s best interest.


Act to Reduce

         the unnecessary paperwork and administrative burden of physicians.


Act to Protect

         the employed physician in his/her ability to speak without reprisal for the sake of

         patients and the profession.


Act to Remove

         the maintenance of certification (MOC) requirement for hospital credentialing,

         insurance company participation, and state licensure.



         practice models, payment methods, and technological advances that provide real-time

         benefits for our members and their patients.


Act to Reduce

         healthcare costs to the patient and the nation by achieving #1-6 above.



         the voice of the American physician to be able to speak for the profession of medicine.

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