PPA Board members work pro-bono for the good of our profession and do not take a salary for their advocacy work.

Red Membership

Your generous membership funds:


One year, non-recurring

White Membership


One year, non-recurring

Blue Membership


One year, non-recurring

-Our infrastructure, with general spending priorities that include:


     • Funding executive director

     • Obtain office space

     • Funds PPA credit card fees, utilities, postage

     • Funds information technology services

     • Funds accountant and bookkeeper, legal fees

     • Funds administrative assistant to coordinate activities


     • Defray travel fees to state med societies/legislatures

       for anti-MOC effort

     • Fund annual retreat/meeting organizer

     • Helps fund office space in Washington DC

     • Funds lobbying firm

     • Defray costs for annual strategy meeting/attendees


- Quarterly PPA newsletter

- Quarterly US Physician Collaboration report

- Credit toward Annual Washington DC PPA registration fee



Founder's Membership


Five years, non-recurring

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